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What's New?

April 22 – EARTH DAY

On April 22, many schools across Canada will be undertaking projects that support the environment and their community. At the same time, the Green Street program continues to demonstrate its support for grassroots initiatives, environmental organizations, and citizens willing to go the extra mile to effect positive sustainable change. We all share communal space, air and water. We are fortunate that we – individually and collectively – continue to make an effort to ensure our world’s future.

On April 22, we ask you to think about your values as they relate to your local environment, and our global one. What are they? What can you change for the better? How can you make a difference? How can you sustain your environment? Join a cause, change a habit or acquire a new one … Think of how your actions today can ensure our healthy tomorrow. THINK TODAY and ACT FOR TOMORROW.

Youth Leadership Challenge

We've awarded Youth Leadership Challenge subsidies to forty-three schools across Canada. For a general description of the school projects, please click here

Polar Bears on Vanishing Ice – Letter writing contest

From February 1 to 19, 2010, a bronze polar bear skeleton covered in ice and sculpted with the assistance of Inuit sculptors will undertake a lengthy journey to the Olympic Games in Vancouver. The sculpture, which will be created as part of an international arts project, will have accomplished its ultimate mission once its ice covering has melted and reminded everyone of the fragility of life on Earth.

These powerful images will lead young people to think about and become more aware of issues like these and will inspire them to change the course of things by becoming personally and collectively committed to fighting climate change!

To find out how your students can participate, click here

Wish to access Partner Programs?

To access subsidies to obtain environmental education programs, you must register your virtual classroom. In the 'subsidy' field of the registration, you must indicate the name of the program you wish to access. Click here to view all programs available.

Hear the Daila Lama's Presentation

The Dalai Lama has been a long–time supporter of teachers throughout the world and has recognized, in his writings, the important role they play in preparing our youth to lead compassionate and ethical lives. On Saturday October 3, the Dalai Lama spoke to a group of teachers–in–training drawn from the English and French universities of Quebec at an event hosted by McGill University. The video of this presentation is now archived on the Learn Quebec web site for the next few days.

Student winners of the Peace Education Contest!

The following three students were the successful entrants in the Green Street Peace Education Essay contest:

Miggel, Daniel and Emily presented their essays to the Dalai Lama on October 3, 2009.

Our Vision

Through Green Street you can access high quality education programs and funding opportunities; you can find out what schools and community partners are doing across the country to support environmental sustainability and student engagement; and you can connect to a learning community and join with others in building a movement for change. Learn more.